Unpopular opinion. 

While I do not in ANY way justify rape, I can not stand most rape culture things. 

I’m sorry, but if you dress to the point where you are basically naked anyway and you’re hanging all over every guy at a party, you are obviously more likely to get raped(by someone there, at least). Do I think you deserve it? No. Do I think you wanted it? I’m not really sure. Obviously you didn’t want to get raped, but you obviously wanted to get that kind of attention somewhere. Try having a little respect for yourself and you’ll be surprised at how many others will have respect for you.

Again, I do not in any way support rape. Any rapist should be put in jail. This is just one of those things where, although it isn’t technically your fault, you need to take responsibility and think “maybe I should cover myself up a bit. Maybe I shouldn’t walk down dark alleyways. Maybe I shouldn’t put myself in situations where I can be so drunk/high that someone can take advantage of me.”

I know that people who cover up get raped. I know that not all situations are like that. However, no matter what you say, there are rape situations that could be prevented simply by girls not acting like a whore. 

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