Chris Rankin *really* likes fandom… so much so he did his university thesis on it! Intrigued?

Come to Ascendio and hear Chris give a presentation on his fandom thesis! That’s right, Chris is back, attending his fifth HP convention! We’re super excited to have him back, and can’t wait to dream up fun and interesting ways to use him. :)

Reblog if you love Chris, or are just excited for Ascendio!

Woo! :) Chris. <3

So is anyone going to Ascendio? :) 

I was really on the line with what to choose. Leaky or Ascendio…

but now that Leaky probably isn’t going to be as geared to Harry Potter, I’m definitely going to Ascendio and MAYBE going to Leaky.(Depends on money situation when reg is announced).

Anyway, if you are, we should totally chat it up, maybe even make room/travel accommodations.. :) I want to start early this year, as last year I feel like I was rushing to get to know people a week before the con started. 

Same for Leaky, even if I don’t know if I’m going yet or not. If it’s in the US, I’ll probably just roadtrip and hopefully they’ll correspond well with the dates and such. 

um: The only things that bother me about Ascendio 2012 are 


1. that you need a chaperone. if you’re under 21, you need someone 21+ in the hotel room you’re staying in. MY MOM DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK IF I’M AT A HARRY POTTER CONVENTION ALONE. WHAT’S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN? IT’S HARRY POTTER FANS. also, they make your chaperone actually buy a registration…

Okay this is super outdated, I realize that yuo posted this months ago but I CAN NOT RESIST.

You needed a chaperon for leakycon, as well. It does not have to be your mother. You can get a completely random person to say they are your chaperon. That’s what I did. 

Second, while I agree that some parts of Ascendio will lack(there are no actors. there are no fancy smancy year books), I believe it will make it better in the fact that people are there because they are harry potter fans, not because they want to meet somewhat famous people and get nice things. Ascendio staff also has a lot more experience than the leakycon staff, so the lines will be better put together and such.

Also, while I could never afford to pay 750$ for a pass, I like it better that way than the 350$ rockstar pass. With the rockstar pass, it was barely exclusive at all. So many people bought them that even if you had one, you could still get crappy seats or wait in line for hours.

On the opposing end, I didn’t register early enough to get one and it ruined(I woulnd’t say ruined…but definitely put a damper on) my experience. My friends and I got in the starkid line about five hours early, were one of the first people in line, and there were rockstar registrants that JUST got there that got in before us.

I understand this. They payed extra, but the fact of the matter was that there was so many of them, that we had to wait hours after the line started to get in because there were simply that many.

With the price being up, less people will buy, and it will become more exclusive and not ruin other’s experiences.

This is tl;dr but I am excited for Ascendio. :) Ngl, If leaky was going to be in Florida I would’ve probably went as I did really like the actor thing(more so the smaller actors like Benedict and Scarlett who just geeked out and ran around), but I would choose a park event over actors anyday.