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I’d rather Harry end up with Luna then Ginny but I don’t really ship them.

Guna is absolutely beautiful-when done right. Otherwise it’s a captainless ship

but Druna, Druna is spectacular. It is so perfect it hurts and it bothers me to no end that the don’t end up together. Luna was a pureblood…

god i know right?! Druna is totally canon okay. I mean obviously not end game but I refuse to believe nothing happened in that cellar. REFUSE!




It will be all right. Go.


She was the light I needed.


She was the light I needed.

“You’re not going mad.”

“You’re not going mad.”

departure from wonderland: I'm sick of people hating on others. 


Seriously. Let people do whatever they want.

If someone LOVES Harry Potter but haven’t read all the books, you can’t say they are not a true fan. They can still have had the same experience as you have with Harry Potter, they may not know all about it, but what they do know, is that Harry Potter…

I agree with the ships part, however I do not agree with the book part. I feel that, if you truly loved Harry Potter enough you would want to read the books.

I do not discriminate if you watched the movies before you read the books, or it took you years to realize how great the series was, but I just can’t buy that people who haven’t read the books ever can get the same experience. It isn’t the same experience. 

There is a whole new world when you open a book. With the movies, sure, you can see the characters, places, etc. The world comes to life for you to watch.

HOWEVER, when you read the books, you’re there. I can’t explain to someone who hasn’t read the books that being alone in my room felt like being in the gryffindor common room with the golden trio. How coming back up from getting a snack felt like walking back into a whole different world.

I dnno. It’s not just Harry Potter that I’m like that with(I am a firm believer that books>television, as everyone technically should be.), but I definitely feel more strongly toward it than others.

ooc: i’m currently on facebook fighting with a friend about whos a better ship: 


  • Drarry (Draco & Harry)
  • Druna (Luna & Draco) 

my only arguement is that they are both pure bloods and all i can think about is the fight between sam and vic. lol 

hm, this is a tough one because if you squint I could really see draco/harry happening(at least more so than dramione or something)

HOWEVER, draco/luna is definitely the most canon compliant. Out of all of harry’s friends, draco has made fun of every single one EXCEPT luna. He’s never mocked her once.

(Not so movie compliant), but the Malfoys like to keep their looks obviously. Blonde hair, Grey eyes. Luna would make this possible. By being with her, she’d keep the line pure and their children would look just as the malfoys before them.

While Draco and Harry could have a nice, angsty relationship, it would  be one that would be unhealthy and just that —full of angst. Luna is good for Draco. She’s the only person that wouldn’t judge him and would truly forgive him for his mistakes, but she also would be honest. She wouldn’t swoon over him like all the other girls, but she would still be far from hateful. He tries to close people out, but she could read him so easily that it would useless. He can’t scare her away with his mean words like he does with all the others —she would be left unfazed. 

I think she would fascinate him. She would creep up on him. He would resist with all his might at first, mock her, laugh at her weird ways but deep down he’d find them endearing. She isn’t like all the rest of the fools. 

They’re on the same intellectual level. They’re both very resourceful. In my opinion, slytherins and ravenclaws are equally matched(which is pretty much a proven fact at this point —LOOK AT THE GREAT HALL IN POTTERMORE. We’ve been neck and neck for a week now.) One is street/business smart and cryptic while the other is book smart and creative. Knowledge and Ambition together is an unstoppable force. I think Draco would see this, if all  else failed.

She wouldn’t force him to do anything but face the truth, something that he tries to deny to himself countless times. He needs this. 

Lastly, there’s quite a long time she spends at Malfoy Manor that we don’t get to see. Draco was so vulnerable in the prior year that he actually sought help from a mudblood, ravenclaw ghost(Moaning Myrtle). Do you not think he would have at least peered down to someone his own age at least once?

I always personally like to think that she is the reason he is reluctant to give up the Golden Trio’s identity. He knew that if Harry was killed right there and the war was ended, Luna would be useless and they’d probably dispose of her with the rest of the lot. That’s why when he returned to Hogwarts, and now it was the opposite(Harry’s death would result in her life), he went looking for him.