Okay, so now that the others are shipped, time for another giveaway :) This time with the addition of an extra wand, which is Draco’s.

Rules are simple, as there basically are none. All I ask is that you reblog a maximum of 5 times per day to keep it fair. Until the end of this month, I’ll be picking numbers at random(using a handy generator) and messaging the winners. Asks open or I can’t get a hold of you!


If you wish, you can simply buy the shirts here (it’s for a good cause~) and the wand over at noble collections OR universal.

Like this page for random giveaways. We do them monthly. You don’t have to do anything else.

Giveaway :) 

So, I’ve decided that I am going to give some of these away.

All you have to do is reblog this post and/or like this page and I will periodically pick using a number that has stuck out to me that day(these will probably come from fortune cookies, tbh) I will being doing this up until the premier of DHp2! :)

I would suggest doing both. Though the facebook giveaway has nothing to do with this particularly giveaway, we plan to start picking some random people each month(from facebook) to receive a gift package.

PLEASE have your ask open. If you are picked but do not have your ask open, I will look to see if an e-mail is in site, but I will not investigate further than that. If I can’t see your e-mail and your ask isn’t open, we will pick a different number.

Alternatively, you could just buy one here! It’s for a good cause, and your chances of getting one are way better, of course.

Please note: I am sending these out in pairs. I am in charge of sending them out and I will be gone for leakycon in a couple weeks. Due to this, you will probably get your shirt(unless you buy one, which would be a different case) after the DH premier. That’s the whole point of the shirt though, isn’t it?