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unpopular opinion but for me, I always though Hufflepuff was technically the best house(i am not in hufflepuff for the record)  as far as their values go. However, Tonks single handedly proved me wrong.

She didn’t come back to fight. Sure, she would/did fight, but that wasn’t the reason she came back. She came back to see if Remus was okay. 

She is the example where loyalty can be a bad thing. She reminds me so much of those highschool girls that sit and cry over boys all day. I mean, I know we don’t know the full story but really? She was that depressed when he didn’t want to date her? I mean c’mon.

I’m not even one of those hardcore remus/sirius shippers but I feel like the only reason he married her is because she was suicidal without him or something.

I agree with the rest though. I didn’t really like Lavender but i do not hate her.