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unpopular opinion but for me, I always though Hufflepuff was technically the best house(i am not in hufflepuff for the record)  as far as their values go. However, Tonks single handedly proved me wrong.

She didn’t come back to fight. Sure, she would/did fight, but that wasn’t the reason she came back. She came back to see if Remus was okay. 

She is the example where loyalty can be a bad thing. She reminds me so much of those highschool girls that sit and cry over boys all day. I mean, I know we don’t know the full story but really? She was that depressed when he didn’t want to date her? I mean c’mon.

I’m not even one of those hardcore remus/sirius shippers but I feel like the only reason he married her is because she was suicidal without him or something.

I agree with the rest though. I didn’t really like Lavender but i do not hate her.

J.K. Rowling has revealed that Lily was pregnant with her second child, when Voldemort killed her. Even worse, she had finally talked James into making peace with Snape, and even wanted to make him the child’s godfather. 



If real: Sobbing forever

If fake: going to find and cry at whoever said this is true.

doubt this is true as that would be what authors like to call overkill.

plus why would you get pregnant when your life and family are in danger already


okay, super unpopular opinion 

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Slytherin is an absolutely shit idea for a house in Hogwarts. Like, it’s literally awful.

I mean, you get all the students who apparently have the potential to be evil… so you put them in a house with all the other evil people? And that house is actually regularly judged and prejudices are held…

yeah i had this huge argument typed out but it’s like 2:30 am and none of it probably made sense.

So I’m going to make this short and say that, while slytherin was portrayed as a horrible house filled with a bunch of baddies, I feel that it was done so because of a bias that was clear throughout hogwarts. While that, I agree, would indeed make some of them bad(why try and be good when everyone says you’re bad, anyway?), I don’t think most slytherins were bad and surely not all of them cared so much about blood as the ones that we saw. There are half-blood and, although fewer, mudblood slytherins. 

As for the evil wizard point: yes, most bad wizards were slytherin but no, most slytherins aren’t bad.

Everyone has the potential to be evil, it just depends if we act on it or not.

Can their traits develop into something more sinister? Yes. But other house traits can turn bad, as well. Too much pride(gryffindor) or intelligence(ravenclaw) can be just as horrible as too much ambition.(I’m not sure how hufflepuff traits can be bad, but there are bad hufflepuffs. Zacharias Smith, for example) That said, there is nothing wrong with being ambitious if used in the right way, or being cunning. In fact, all slytherin traits can turn out as good as they can bad.

In actuality, we only see a slim few slytherins to judge them by. Half of them aren’t as bad as they seem, even(i.e. Draco and Severus), and some are even rather good!(Professor Slughorn, for example. He was clearly Tom Riddle’s favorite teacher and could easily hold high ranks with the Dark Lord, but he chose to go against him! He clearly liked his safety and the feeling of importance, but not enough to go against what’s right) Plus, a lot of slytherins came back during the final battle. They could have went home, or joined the Death Eaters, but nope! They went against him.

So, in general, slytherin house doesn’t seem pointless or silly to me, no.